Workouts and Wine

Episode 44 -Get Ready For A Challenge, And Then We Taste Cava!

July 10, 2023 Christine D'Angelo and Susan Pajak Season 1 Episode 44
Workouts and Wine
Episode 44 -Get Ready For A Challenge, And Then We Taste Cava!
Show Notes

A quote from Dr. Carol Dweck :"Only 40 percent of the population has a growth mindset and are willing to actively step outside of that comfort zone to test what they are capable of. "
Are you part of this 40 percent?
Do you know;
Challenging yourself will stimulate brain function, curb anxiety and depression.
Challenging yourself will give you a confidence boost and push you further with your personal growth.
Challenging yourself will help your focus, dig deeper, and face your demons.
What are you waiting for?  Christine has a nutrition/fitness challenging starting TODAY (6/10) if you are interested; make sure you drop her a line for more information, or check out her 1st Phorm Link below.
However, you are challenged EVERY DAY - are you a fixed or growth mindset? Listen to hear more, and then taste some MORE bubbles with us - we love it, and we won't stop.  This week, a little cava from Spain is in the glass!

More about Segura Viudas Cava:

More about Carol Dweck and her research in psychology, social psychology, and personality psychology that examines the self-conceptions people use to structure their self and guide their behavior:

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