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My Bike and I

Melanie MacGregor

Cycling has changed my life and I can't get enough of it. It's hard to describe the sheer joy of cycling, whether it's just to get to the shops, to jump on a train with your bike and everything you need in two panniers and head off for a few days, or to cycle up cols in France and get away from it all in the mountains. The first episode of this podcast talks about a cycling event I did in July. Upcoming episodes will be about something much more day-to-day: cycling safely in traffic. I never imagined being game enough to cycle in traffic, and I think there are still many cyclists out there who are put off by the idea and who don't get their bike out very often as a result. I hope I can pass on everything I have learned about how to ride safely on the road, so that more people get on their bike and discover the freedom and the thrill of it all.