3 Second Selling

Don't "We, We"​ All Over Your Content and Customers

August 23, 2022 David Gee
3 Second Selling
Don't "We, We"​ All Over Your Content and Customers
Show Notes

Does your typical sales and marketing messaging sound something like this? "We offer cutting edge technology." "We feature best in class service and support." "We have the best people." "We are the market leaders. "We are the fastest." "We are the cheapest." “We are the ______."

Most of our customer communication is about us, our company, our solution(s). Don’t “we" "we” all over your customers and miscast your company as the hero of the story.

We often forget that the point of all marketing is to get somebody to DO something. We accomplish that by making our marketing more relevant. Be customer-centric, demonstrate value and show up differently. It's about them, not you.

In this podcast episode I'll explain the "you" to we" ratio.

Tell you why the customer is the hero of the story

Explain the Disney structure of storytelling and how we apply these storytelling principles and structure to engage our audience and create a competitive advantage?

Read some "before" and "after" copy.

The stakes are high when it comes to sales and marketing stories that get - and keep - someone's time and attention.

In fact, over 90% of what people think of us, our products, websites, ideas, etc., is determined in the first three seconds. So there's not much time to create an emotional connection and lay a sales-forward foundation. And that is something we must do before someone will do business with us.

Here's a summary of takeaways to make your sales and marketing messaging more relevant:

·       It’s about them, not you

·       You are the mentor, not the hero

·       Translate your story into your customer’s world

·       Make your customer the central character

·       Use “You” phrasing instead of “We” at a 3:1 ratio

The good news is it has never been easier to reach large numbers of people with our sales and marketing messages. The bad news is it has never been more difficult to connect with them. And we must create emotional connections – quickly – if we want to earn someone’s time and attention, and eventually their business.

You'll never accomplish that with messaging that we we's all over your customers and prospects.