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Wine World

Pavle Milic

Welcome to Wine World, the podcast that takes you on a flavorful journey from vineyard to glass. Hosted by Pavle Milic, winemaker, restauranteur, and columnist for Phoenix Magazine, this show dives deep into the world of wine grape growing and winemaking. Each episode, Pavle uncorks the fascinating processes behind your favorite wines, explores the nuances of wine and food pairings, and offers an insider’s look at the thriving wine scenes in Arizona and beyond.

Join us as we visit local vineyards, chat with restaurateurs, and meet the pioneering spirits behind top wineries. Whether you're curious about starting your own winery or vineyard, or simply a lover of good wine and good company, Wine World provides the perfect blend of education and entertainment. Discover the rich histories, the challenging terroirs, and the innovative practices shaping the future of wine. Pour yourself a glass and tune in to discover the stories behind the bottle.