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The Haunted Underpants

Dale Shaw

How would you react if a pair of underpants suddenly started speaking to you? And not only speaking but also scheming, plotting and generally being quite underhand and sneaky. This is the preposterous situation that young, dull, moss-loving idiot Gunston finds himself in throughout The Haunted Underpants, a rip-roaring comedy adventure featuring wizards, Granddads, enemies, ferocious mothers, shetland ponies and, of course, underpants. Will Gunston ever get to the bottom of his mysterious underpants? Are they truly planning to take over the world? And what exactly are the rules to the swimming pool based sport known as Brickball? All will be revealed as Gunston's underpants take centre stage. A New Alaska Production. First heard on WFMU's Double Dip Recess (