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The Georgian Surrogacy Podcast

Liz Tripodi and Anita Fiorenza

The Georgian Surrogacy Podcast is created and hosted by two Australian Mum’s who have navigated the complicated world of doing surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Created to offer information, support, and their own experiences; each episode will cover different stages, options, tips, information and processes to navigate through the world of international surrogacy in the wonderful country of Georgia. Episodes will also have guest speakers and lots of baby talk!Liz Tripodi is a multi award winning Business woman, Vocal Coach, Singer and Entertainer who had been on the road to parenting for 13 years before the safe arrival of twin girls in 2020 in Georgia. Anita Fiorenza is a trained medical professional with years of experience as well as a small business owner. Her journey to surrogacy was a tough 10 year battle before the safe arrival of her daughter in Georgia in 2020. Anita and Liz came together via social media and an instant bond was formed via their experiences and cultural backgrounds. Through many late night chats and messages they didn’t officially meet until they were in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Through the highs and lows they’ve been with each other through the birth of their children, navigating a complex country, international laws and the process of getting home. Their friendship and bond is forever after the experiences they’ve shared. They’ve created this podcast to share their experiences; the good with the bad, the joys and the struggles; but most importantly to ensure intended parents have a platform to get really honest advice and support via our private online groups.