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Welcome to the #1 podcast for engaging, evidence-based, thought-provoking health, wellness & performance insights for health & wellness coaches and others looking to improve their lives. Catalyst is the evidence-based journey toward better! If you've been looking for a health & wellness podcast that avoids the fluff and the headline-chasing fads while providing practical, real-world guidance, you just found it. We bring together the world's foremost experts, from researchers to authors to athletes to executives to coaches, sharing their insights about how to make the most of your (or your clients') personal and professional life. If you're looking for an entertaining format to help optimize your own health, wellness and performance (and perhaps that of your clients) through such evidence-based practices, this is the place for you! The Catalyst Health, Wellness & Performance podcast is hosted by Dr. Bradford Cooper, who brings a uniquely expansive background to the table. He has a PhD in performance psychology along with Masters degrees in both physical therapy (MSPT) and business (MBA) and a Bachelors degree in biology. He is CEO of US Corporate Wellness, co-founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute, an internationally recognized speaker, and elite masters endurance athlete (11 time Ironman, including 4 times at the Hawaii Ironman World Championship, winner of the 2-person 3,000 cycling Race Across America and 2:47 marathoner). Most importantly, he's husband to Suzanna (celebrating 28 years of marriage) and Dad to three amazing kids, now ages 25, 23 and 21.

Recent Episodes

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