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PREtirement: Success Secrets Through Each Decade of Life (Dr. Brad Cooper #233)

August 22, 2022 Dr. Brad Cooper Season 5 Episode 1
Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness & Performance
PREtirement: Success Secrets Through Each Decade of Life (Dr. Brad Cooper #233)
Show Notes

Are you planning to retire someday? Maybe that “someday” is decades away. Maybe it’s later this year. Regardless of your timeline, this special episode could potentially be among the most important we’ve ever released in terms of impact on the lives and future lives of you and those in your inner circle. In 1960, if you made it to age 65, you could expect to live another 13 years. Today, 1 in 7 of us will live past age 95, meaning we might spend 30 or more years in retirement. Are you going to be ready – not just financially – but in all key aspects of life?

I’m Dr. Brad Cooper and this episode will dig into a concept you’ve likely never even heard of but will soon be glad you did. We’re going to discuss the ins and outs of Mastering PREtirement. Wait – what? PREtirement? What is PREtirement? From friends and peers to coaching clients and even parents, we’re going to address the key steps, starting with our 20’s and working up to our 60’s, that will help us not only make the most of our post-working life, but also enhance each phase along the way. And yes, money will enter our discussion, but the primary purpose of this episode will be to go further – to uncover ways in which we can truly live fully during our final act – not simply accumulate the funds to avoid working.

For specific advice or guidance regarding financial matters, you can contact Colby Ripsam, the financial advisor and investment management analyst mentioned in this episode via email or (970) 800-3432.

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