Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness & Performance

The Conflict Opportunity: Best-selling author Amanda Ripley

October 24, 2022 Amanda Ripley Season 5 Episode 10
Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness & Performance
The Conflict Opportunity: Best-selling author Amanda Ripley
Show Notes

Us vs. Them. The “other side” just doesn’t get it. Whether politics, work or even family, the confusion arises because we aren’t seeing how the conflict itself has taken over. High conflict is the invisible hand of our time, creating a good vs. evil type of feud. And it results in our brains behaving differently, crystalizing certainty in our own superiority and a head-shaking about those on the other side.

Welcome to the latest episode of the Health, Wellness & Performance Catalyst. Today’s guest is Amanda Ripley, a New York Times bestselling author, an investigative journalist and co-founder of Good Conflict, a company that creates workshops and original content to help people get smarter about how they fight. Amanda’s most recent book is High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out. For tools everyone can use right now, check out Amanda's free resources at Her latest book is High Conflict. And if anyone wants help digging into a specific challenge, reach out to her at her weekly Slate podcast How To!

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