Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Life!

Dr. Philip Skiba: Pseudoscience? Think Again!

December 26, 2022 Dr. Philip Skiba Season 5 Episode 19
Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Life!
Dr. Philip Skiba: Pseudoscience? Think Again!
Show Notes

What do exposing fads and optimizing fitness have in common? Longtime Catalyst 360 listeners know the answer: EVIDENCE!  The world of health, wellness & performance is rife with exaggeration, unsupported claims and charisma-dependent shortcuts. Taking an evidence-based approach to your chosen pursuit doesn’t guarantee results, as the scientific method is all about looking for the hole in the previous finding. At the same time, it sure is a wise cornerstone on which to build your strategy. Today we have one of the best in the business joining us to break through the BS on our way to a better life – and enhanced performance.

Welcome to the latest episode of the Catalyst 360 Podcast – your trusted resource for the best in engaging, evidence-based health, wellness & performance insights. Today’s guest is Dr. Philip Skiba, who’s credentials are loaded. He earned his medical degree, later pursued a PhD from the University of Exeter (where our paths originally crossed), & is board certified in both Family & Sports Medicine. He simultaneously holds roles as Director of sports medicine fellowship at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, is Regional Director of Sports Medicine for the AdvocateAurora Medical Group, is team physician for the University of Illinois (Chicago) & regularly works w/ high school, NCAA Division 1, Olympic and professional athletes. Most recently, he worked on the fascinating Nike Breaking 2 marathon project….   

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