Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Life!

How to Create A Personal Vision for a Better Life

January 01, 2023 Dr. Brad Cooper Season 5 Episode 20
Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Life!
How to Create A Personal Vision for a Better Life
Show Notes

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“For many, the big choices in life aren’t really choices; they are quicksand. You just sink into the place you happen to be standing.” Author David Brooks is credited with expressing those words, but we ALL know what it’s like to live them. We move through each day, letting the quicksand around our feet draw us in as the weeks, months and years pass by. Dreams fade out of sight; regrets accumulate and eventually we just feel “stuck.” It is what it is. Ahhh – what could have been.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We admire visionaries across all walks of life, those individuals who see past the day to day. Those who see the world differently – those who have identified their northern star and are steadily moving in that direction, regardless of the quicksand that grasps the rest of the world around them. These individuals are no more gifted or talented than the rest of us. Rather, they have a crystal clear vision of the person they are becoming and the future impact they are moving toward. That powerful, personal vision is a resource available to any of us who choose to tap into it. In this special episode, I’ll walk you through the preparation and the process that will allow you to create your own clear personal vision for the coming year. It will challenge, energize and inspire you. It will give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning, light a fire in your heart and provide a steady wind in your sails. In the end, it will help set you on a clear path to what might just be the most important year of you life. 

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