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Write YOUR Story - WSJ's James "Bob" Hagerty

January 30, 2023 James "Bob" Hagerty Season 5 Episode 24
Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Life!
Write YOUR Story - WSJ's James "Bob" Hagerty
Show Notes

What’s your story? It’s a question that opens the door to the story you want to tell. In contrast to a resume review, list of race results, or accomplishments of note, it provides you the freedom to reveal the elements of your life that color your canvas of time. It’s my favorite question to ask “soon to be friends” at a party or networking event and it’s a close cousin to the clear personal vision we discussed a few weeks back. Today, one of the world’s foremost weavers of life stories, James “Bob” Hagerty, will join us to share why writing our story can be so powerful – both for ourselves and our loved ones.

Welcome to the latest episode of the Catalyst 360 Podcast – your trusted resource for the best in engaging, evidence-based health, wellness & performance insights.  Today’s guest, James “Bob” Hagerty has been a reporter and editor for more than 40 years and is the Wall Street Journal’s only full time obituary writer. His article “An Obituary Writer Writes One for Himself” drew an outpouring of reader responses, which inspired his intriguing new book: Yours Truly: An Obituary Writer’s Guide to Writing Your Story.

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