Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Life!

Heart Rate Pioneer, Fleet Feet Founder and Trailblazer Sal Edwards

March 27, 2023 Sal Edwards Season 5 Episode 32
Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Life!
Heart Rate Pioneer, Fleet Feet Founder and Trailblazer Sal Edwards
Show Notes

The year was 1977. Star Wars made its debut… the Apple II computer was released… Elvis Presley passed away at age 42… our hometown Denver Broncos experienced their “miracle season” on the way to the Super Bowl… Chuck E. Cheese pizza opens their first location…and disco was nearing it’s peak in popularity. But something else happened that year that may have influenced the world more than any of these: the first wearable heartrate monitor was developed for the Finnish National Cross Country ski team by Polar. That development changed the way both professional and amateur athletes trained and kicked the door open to our current “wearables,” which now provide more physiological data on our wrist than a room full of hospital gizmos could do just a few decades ago.

Welcome to latest episode of the Catalyst 360 Podcast – your trusted resource for engaging, evidence-based health, wellness & performance insights.  Today’s guest is one of the trailblazers in the application of that heart rate data – Sal Edwards. I have her ground-breaking book from the mid-90s on the practical use of heart-rate monitors on my bookshelf and was thrilled when she agreed to join us today. But when I began preparing for this interview, her background exploded off the pages of my notes. Yes – she’s a leader in the world of HR monitoring and that’s where we’ll focus our discussion. But she’s also a serial entrepreneur, founding Fleet Feet – the largest chain of retail sports shops, has written 24 books and 500 articles, and was a professional triathlete, ultra runner, won the Western States 100 miler and is a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame. And, her 4-person cycling team won the 1997 Race Across America in 7 ½ days, within just a few hours of the time it took us to win the event in 2015. So plenty of rabbit trails available to us today 😊

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