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Cancer Twins

Charlotte & Greg

Welcome to the Cancer Twins channel where we discuss all things about living with and beating cancer from our own personal perspectives. This is about taking the good with the bad and discussing what it’s really like to both live with - and also have a close family living with - cancer treatment. We talk about what it’s like, both from a physical and emotion point of view. We hope talking about our own experiences is as helpful for others to hear as it is for us to discuss. Sharing is caring! We are siblings that find ourselves in the unusual situation of both having developed cancer at a young age. Gregory is a young adult that has beaten cancer. He was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma when he was a teenager, a rare and aggressive variety that usually effects young boys. Charlotte, now in her mid-thirties, had just got married when she recently discovered she has breast cancer - very unusual for a woman of her age. She now faces the tough journey that she had to live through with her brother. Now with their roles reversed, they discuss their journeys with a frank but positive outlook in the hope that talking about these tough subjects will make it easier for others to discuss, understand and accept. *Content warning. This channel deals with difficult and adult subject matters related to the reality of living with cancer and is not suitable for all audiences. It also includes the occasional swear word, so is not suitable for younger children or those that are offended by bad language. Although the subject matter can be upsetting, the outlooks of the participants remain entirely positive!