From Survivor to Thriver

Developing Deeper Connections And Finding Community By Understanding Yourself with Lee Hopkins

January 03, 2023 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 93
From Survivor to Thriver
Developing Deeper Connections And Finding Community By Understanding Yourself with Lee Hopkins
Show Notes

Have you ever felt lonely and misunderstood? For many people, these feelings make it even harder to find meaningful connections and friendships. 

In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, we sat down with Lee Hopkins to dive into the topic of friendship and finding your tribe by searching within. After moving from state to state and struggling to find his people, Lee began therapy and realized that he had to start by taking a look at himself. After that, he found that his ability to form deeper connections and friendships grew significantly. 

Lee Hopkins is a transgender man and coach who helps people create lasting friendships. For several years, he didn’t have supportive people who knew the real him in his life. After struggling with loneliness most of his life, he's tried various ways to resolve it without success. However, on his journey to make friends, he discovered that the more he learned about himself, the better he was able to connect with others. 

These days, he helps others create the fulfilling friendships and relationships that they deserve and during today’s conversation will show us how this is possible for everyone.  

In today’s episode we cover: 

  • The tools now available for deeper connections
  • How Lee found his people in the LGBTQ+ community
  • The truth about finding your tribe 
  • The impact therapy had on Lee’s life
  • How his gender identity impacted his ability to form relationships
  • What happens when you hide your true self from others
  • Why knowing yourself is so important when forming connections
  • Being open and vulnerable with others
  • The three things you need to understand to make better connections
  • What to do if you’re feeling lonely and misunderstood

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Lee. If you want to hear more from him, make sure to visit his website and follow him on social media. 

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“The idea of finding your tribe is true, but it’s not something that is outward. It’s something that you do inside and then you end up being in the right place and meeting the right people.” -Lee

“Not only do you cause yourself harm by hiding, but you lose the opportunity to connect, help, and teach others.” -Marc

“If we focused on the ‘why’ more then people wouldn’t focus so much on the ‘what’. It won’t matter anymore.” -Erik