From Survivor to Thriver

Bravery and Finding True Happiness After Battling Depression with Dannie De Novo

January 10, 2023 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 94
From Survivor to Thriver
Bravery and Finding True Happiness After Battling Depression with Dannie De Novo
Show Notes

For some people that suffer from depression and anxiety, medication is not enough. Despite their best efforts to get better, it just doesn’t help. If this sounds like what you’ve experienced, you aren’t alone. 

In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, we sat down with Dannie De Novo to talk about her journey through severe depression and suicidal thoughts. After trying multiple medications and even electro-shock therapy, she found that her body just didn’t respond to any of them. Even her doctors were at a loss for how to help her.  

In this episode, Dannie shares how, after becoming a mother and gaining a new perspective, she decided to be brave, take it into her own hands and find her own way back to happiness. 

Dannie De Novo is an award-winning happiness coach, attorney, speaker, single mom, and international bestselling author. After having battled depression and anxiety for most of her early life, Dannie set out on a course to learn what true happiness was for her and for the sake of her baby girl. 

Today, Dannie regularly appears on ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS TV news and talk shows as an expert on creating happiness, combating loneliness and depression, managing anxiety, and being brave.  

In today’s episode we cover: 

  • Dannie’s mental health journey
  • The side effects of depression medications
  • Depression and anxiety among children and parents
  • Danni’s experience with electro-shock therapy
  • The issues with mental health treatment
  • How motherhood changed her perspective
  • Her experience studying happiness
  • How she became a happiness coach
  • Being in alignment with the things that you want
  • The impact of social media on our mental health

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Dannie. If you want to learn more from her, make sure to visit her website and follow her on social media. 

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“I was studying happiness for my daughter but it was rapidly changing my life.” -Dannie

“I immersed myself into the study of happiness and writing it down and putting it into words that I could one day teach to my daughter.” -Dannie

“We often don’t get better for ourselves. We get better for someone else.” -Marc

“We get so comfortable being who we are and doing what we do that we fear the idea of doing something new and liking it.” -Erik