From Survivor to Thriver

From Prison to Purpose with Elizabeth Mikotowicz

September 26, 2023 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 129
From Survivor to Thriver
From Prison to Purpose with Elizabeth Mikotowicz
Show Notes

70% of incarcerated women are suffering from terrible trauma. 

In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, we sat down with Elizabeth Mikotowicz to talk about her story of abuse and trauma that led to her incarceration. While in prison, she was mistreated and abused by many people in power. Elizabeth is now acting as a force for change to stop the abuse happening to women in prison. 

Elizabeth has come a long way on her healing journey, and in this episode, she shares her experiences with art as therapy, binaural beats, ASMR, meditation, and self-care in order to recover from the trauma. 

Five years ago, Elizabeth Mikotowicz was painting murals as a federal inmate, now she has her own art shows and has launched an environmentally friendly clothing brand called EPM which is based on her art. 

While in prison, she both endured and witnessed institutional abuse, corruption, systemic racism, and cruelty; so much so that sometimes she still wakes up screaming. These days she's turned it all around! 

She has gotten legislative bills put on the table and passed for the good of the people - not corporations and institutions. Elizabeth is letting the world know what America is doing to its incarcerated population which is the highest rate in the world. 

She is currently in the editing stages of her memoir and is also creating an adult coloring book based on PTSD and what she learned from her own trauma.  

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • The corruption in the prison system
  • The impact prison has on women with PTSD
  • The mistreatment and trauma Elizabeth experienced in the prison system
  • How Elizabeth was able to move into a place of strength after the trauma of prison
  • How she realized that she deserved to take care of herself
  • Some tools that help with PTSD and trauma healing
  • The healing power of art
  • The power we all have to rewire our brains

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Elizabeth! If you are interested in checking out her art and fashion line, you can find it here. You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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“70% of the women in prison are suffering from some horrible trauma.” -Elizabeth

“I am very thankful that there are  strong, powerful women out there who are doing the hard work, not only for themselves, but for others and telling the stories of those whose voices aren't able to reach the media, the state house floor, or a show like ours.” -Erik