From Survivor to Thriver

Fighting Off Loneliness with Community and Connection with Troy Farkas

October 10, 2023 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 131
From Survivor to Thriver
Fighting Off Loneliness with Community and Connection with Troy Farkas
Show Notes

Do you struggle with loneliness? 

In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, we sat down with Troy Farkas to talk about his experience with loneliness and the human need for connectedness. 

Join us as we discuss the nuanced difference between loneliness and simply being alone, as well as the power of embracing solitude and the transformative experiences it can offer. 

Troy also shares how podcasting became his lifeline, offering a sense of connection and belonging during his loneliest moments in his career.

Troy Farkas is currently a producer for the Spotify exclusive weekly podcast The Ringer. He built his own six-figure freelance podcast business in six months and was formerly a podcast and radio producer at ESPN. 

Troy is also a self-improvement writer on Substack and the host of "The Found Generation," a video podcast where he and his guests address the things young people care about, namely career mobility, physical and mental health, social media, traveling, and more!  

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • The internal dilemma when your life doesn’t go the way you thought it would
  • How loneliness impacts your mental health
  • How podcasting helped Troy overcome the loneliness and isolation of his career
  • The power of experiencing things alone
  • The difference between loneliness and simply being alone
  • The ways that we search for connection in our lives
  • What to do if someone in your life is feeling lonely
  • The importance of presence and truly listening

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Troy! If you want to learn more about him, make sure to check out his substack and connect with him on Instagram.

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“Being lonely sucks, but being alone intentionally is very good for you. And I think people need to do that more.” -Troy 

“People are finding connection in ways that work for them.” -Erik 

“Presence will fight off loneliness.” -Marc