From Survivor to Thriver

Healing Your Inner Child and Stepping Into Your Authentic Power with Susan Gold

October 31, 2023 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 134
From Survivor to Thriver
Healing Your Inner Child and Stepping Into Your Authentic Power with Susan Gold
Show Notes

Have you experienced childhood trauma?

The events in your life as a child impact you long after your childhood ends. For many, it can cause trauma leading to depression, anxiety, addiction, and many other mental health disorders. 

In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, we sat down with Susan Gold who went through it all. She has been on a continuous healing journey that has brought her to her passion of helping others overcome their own childhood traumas and begin to heal their inner child and find happiness in adulthood.

Navigating a ferociously challenging upbringing, while bravely moving forward as an adult to face ingrained, outdated, and patriarchal programming head-on, Susan Gold now shares a unique perspective in viewing life challenges as occasions for transformation. 
Through her book, Toxic Family: Transforming Childhood Trauma into Adult Freedom, Susan turns the standard paradigm on its head courageously leading others through her own journey of abuse, addiction, and surviving narcissism all while creating a distinctly empowering personal and professional life. Keen on leaving a legacy to help others heal from challenges she’s successfully met, Toxic Family is part of that quest. 

With the same magic Susan created in her entertainment career, she is now leading retreats, webinars, workshops and private sessions to help others drop outdated storylines and programming in exchange for living from the heart in authentic freedom as adults.  

Supporting homeless animals, especially dogs, and cats, and helping others up the ladder are her joys.  

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • The first steps to healing from childhood trauma
  • The defining moments of Susan’s childhood that led to trauma, depression, and addiction
  • The continuous journey of healing 
  • How therapy and support groups changed Susan’s life
  • The power of following your intuition
  • The impact of growing up with a narcissist and what it means to be an empath
  • The transformational power of healing your inner child
  • How your environment can impact your inner peace
  • What happens when you heal your inner child

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Susan! If you want to learn more about her work or check out her book, make sure to visit her website. You can also follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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“It does take a lot of bravery to break out of the construct and step out of the old faulty matrix that's broken and try things differently than your family did.” -Susan

“Healing is a continuum. When it starts, it just continues. It morphs. It changes. It’s a journey we will be on until we are no longer on this planet.” -Erik 

“Maybe our next frontier as humans is to work on ourselves.” -Marc