From Survivor to Thriver

Thriving in Nature as a Pathway to Presence with Adam Hart

November 07, 2023 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 135
From Survivor to Thriver
Thriving in Nature as a Pathway to Presence with Adam Hart
Show Notes

Do you struggle to live in the present moment?

When you suffer with things like anxiety, depression, or even ADHD, it can be hard to regulate your nervous system and just live in the present moment. But presence is where true growth and fulfillment happens. So how do you do it? 

In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, we sat down with Adam Hart who overcame his own ADHD symptoms by learning to regulate his nervous system and become more present by rock climbing. Adam knows how challenging it can be and he is here to help us understand how we can begin to push past the discomfort and find our own path to presence. 

Adam Hart is both a leading expert in nervous system regulation and how to get unstuck as well as a best-selling author whose mission is to help busy parents transform the symptoms of the daily grind into more loving relationships and daily fulfillment. 

Diagnosed as having ADHD in his teens, Adam suffered with low self-esteem and feelings of guilt and shame as he navigated the complex world of entering adulthood. In his early 20’s, the responsibilities and stress from striving to meet societal expectations, led Adam to living with daily anxiety. 

His racing mind, stuck in fight or flight thoughts, had him living with coping habits focused on escaping life and detaching from connecting to emotions. 
All this changed when Adam discovered Rock Climbing in his late 20's. Rock climbing allowed Adam to discover the true power of his nervous system regulation and how to utilize “The Moments of Life” to alter how his brain functioned and how his body performed.  

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • The impact ADHD can have on your self-esteem 
  • The science behind your own ability to reset your brain
  • When Adam reached rock bottom and how he climbed out and learned to embrace the present moment
  • The power of getting in nature and how it brings you back into the present 
  • Why you have to work on the relationship between your brain, nervous system, and heart daily
  • Tools to move your brain out of fight or flight mode 
  • How healing your nervous system can lead to deeper connection with others

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Adam! If you want to learn more from him, make sure to visit his website, find him on LinkedIn, and follow him on Instagram. 

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“​​Presence is a real place. I had never been told that this is a place I could live until climbing showed me that this was an option for me.” -Adam 

“I backed myself into learning how to meditate and how to manage my brain better through skiing.  That was my gateway activity to a healthier brain.” -Marc 

“Recognizing all of those small goals and successes along the way is where the true joy lies.” -Erik