From Survivor to Thriver

From Banking to Breathing: A Journey Into Mindfulness with Colin Kingsmill

January 02, 2024 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 142
From Survivor to Thriver
From Banking to Breathing: A Journey Into Mindfulness with Colin Kingsmill
Show Notes

What does it take to discover your true purpose for being here? 

In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, we sat down with Colin Kingsmill who found a tremendous amount of success and wealth only to give it all away and leave that lifestyle behind to honor his mental health. 

Colin shares his story and how he went on a spiritual journey and, through several modalities including meditation and mindfulness practices,  found his crystal clear purpose for being here. 

He also shares the evolution of his relationships and his view of the world since making this profound shift and rediscovering his own humanity. 

In 2001, with an MBA and a successful decade in Swiss banking behind him, Colin Kingsmill decided to make a radical reset, give up most of his possessions and perceived status, and step into the unknown. He had everything he wanted, but it was not fulfilling. 

He really has seen it all, from flying in private jets, sailing on superyachts, mingling with industry titans, meeting Hillary Clinton and Elton John, and hanging out in George Clooney's villa on Lake Como when the Heinz family owned it. However, on the flip side of all the shiny stuff, he has also suffered the hardships of divorce and personal bankruptcy, depression, and crippling anxiety. 

Today, with all this life and work experience behind him, Colin now coaches, advises, and mentors extraordinary individuals making important changes in their personal and professional lives and provides a space for business owners to talk strategically through their pivot plans and fears as they grapple with the challenges of today’s world.  

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • The masks we wear to hide our mental health struggles from the world
  • Releasing the trappings of status for your own health
  • Why material things don’t prove our self-worth
  • What rebirthing is and how it can lead to a past life regression
  • The experience that inspired Colin to get rid of all of his material things 
  • How Colin got crystal clear on his purpose for being here
  • The process of going from shelf-development to self-development
  • The evolution of our relationships
  • How meditation and mindfulness can help you embody your true self
  • The lenses and traumas that we live our lives through
  • Reality is only as good as we make it at any given moment

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“In my previous chapters, I was a gladiator for myself. Now I feel like I’m a gladiator for humanity.” -Colin 

“When I finally started to recognize what it was that I needed for the first time, I started looking around and my true friendships deepened.” -Erik&n