From Survivor to Thriver

Beyond the Diagnosis: Chris Glatis' Journey from Anxiety to Healing

January 23, 2024 Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes Episode 145
From Survivor to Thriver
Beyond the Diagnosis: Chris Glatis' Journey from Anxiety to Healing
Show Notes

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health disorder like anxiety or depression. It can be easy to let that define you, but that is a roadblock to healing. It’s important that we remember that we are more than our diagnoses. 

Our guest Chris Glatis has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks since a young age and tried many things to feel better. In this episode of From Survivor to Thriver, he’s sharing his story and how he learned to understand that he is not broken and healing is possible.

Chris Glatis is an award-winning filmmaker and lifelong seeker who was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder soon after entering college. Motivated to overcome what he initially saw as a weakness, Chris devoted himself to learning how humans heal. 

He’s tried it all, from silent meditations on mountaintops to Native American sweat lodges, psychotherapy, men’s groups, yogis, trauma work, and creative projects that explore characters who, despite deep, psycho-spiritual struggles, are ultimately redeemed. 

By sharing his own journey in his book When Your Mind Screams, he demonstrates how what was once his greatest weakness is now his greatest teacher.  

In today’s episode, we cover: 

  • When Chris had his first panic attack and realized he needed help 
  • The reality of what it’s like to have a panic attack
  • The connection between anxiety and OCD
  • The fear of fear and how it can impact your life 
  • The shame around anxiety 
  • The connection between addictions and mental health issues
  • How breathwork can help lower your anxiety 
  • The problem with labeling people with mental health disorders
  • Why we don’t have to feel happy all the time
  • What catastrophizing is and why it’s so hard for people with anxiety to deal with
  • The importance of healing your inner child 

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Chris! If you want to learn more from him, you can visit his website, follow him on Instagram, and get a copy of his book When Your Mind Screams.

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“We don't necessarily love the idea of the names of a diagnosis, but initially, there can be this incredible comfort in knowing, oh, this isn't just me. This is the thing people have, and it’s just been rattling around in my brain.” -Marc 

“We need to start showing that the message around mental health is one of hopefulness and helpfulness.” -Erik 

“The ability for you to feel your deepest pain is going to allow you to feel your highest joy.” -Chris