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Rihlat Al-Hayat (رحلة الحياة) Life Journey

Princess R Lakshman

Princess R Lakshman, author, counsellor, life coach, and degree-qualified clinical nutritionist, speaks on different aspects of healing and recovery. These podcast episodes are inspired from the author’s life when she was healing and recovering from mental illness that began when she was battling with a brain tumour, adjusting to life as a single mother after a sudden marriage breakdown due to domestic violence, and facing rejection and disownment from family due to her choice to embrace Islam as her chosen spiritual path. During this healing phase, she worked on herself and received professional help to overcome substance addiction, suicidal ideation, and violent outbursts as a result of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to triggers from her childhood experiences of familial inter-generational paedophilia. She began writing poems and reflections to make sense of her life and to share with her readers about hope of recovery and healing. She now dedicates her life in service to others as a writer, clinical nutritionist, counsellor, life-coach, and narrative therapist. To contact the author, visit her websites www.mindbodyhealinghub.com and www.princesslakshman.com Princess R Lakshman also contributes feature articles to Australasian Muslim Times https://www.amust.com.au/author/princess-r-lakshman/ Follow on Instagram @princessrlakshman @muslimahmindmatters @mindbodyhealinghub