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Post Scrip: The ASPL Pharmacy Law Podcast

American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL)

Post-Scrip is the podcast of The American Society for Pharmacy Law. ASPL is an organization of attorneys, pharmacists, pharmacist-attorneys and students of pharmacy or law who are interested in the law as it applies to pharmacy, pharmacists, wholesalers, manufacturers, state and federal government and other interested parties. ASPL is a non-profit which encourages diversity & inclusion with the Society, regardless of differing backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, orientations, origins, and practice settings. The Society embraces participation and diversity as it leads to advancing our purpose: Furthering knowledge in the law related to pharmacists, pharmacies, the provision of pharmaceutical care, the manufacturing and distribution of drugs, and other food, drug, and medical device policy issues; Communicating accurate legal educational information; and Providing educational opportunities for pharmacists, attorneys, and others who are interested in pharmacy law.