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041 - The first person you lead is you. (Troy Jacobson, Spinervals & The Jacobson Leadership Academy)

May 23, 2023 Mountain Cog - Joshua Anderson & Mike Festerling Episode 41
Mountain Cog
041 - The first person you lead is you. (Troy Jacobson, Spinervals & The Jacobson Leadership Academy)
Show Notes

In this episode of the Mountain Cog Podcast, we delve into the world of endurance coaching, single-speed racing, and leadership training with the remarkable Troy Jacobson. With a vast array of experiences and expertise, Troy shares his insights and stories of helping people boost their performance whether on the race course or in their business career.

Coach Troy opens up about his pioneering work with Spinervals, a series of cycling training videos that revolutionized indoor cycling. With a focus on high-intensity interval workouts, Troy discusses how Spinervals became a cornerstone in the training regimens of cyclists worldwide, elevating their performance and overall fitness to new heights.

Troy also discusses the exciting world of single-speed racing, a discipline that demands exceptional strategy and mental fortitude. He shares his personal experiences as a single-speed racer, revealing the unique challenges and rewards of competing in this thrilling sport.

But Troy's impact extends beyond athletics. As the founder of the transformative Jacobson Leadership Academy, he empowers leaders, teams, and businesses to optimize performance for winning results. Throughout the podcast, listeners gain valuable insights into effective leadership strategies, mindset cultivation, and self-improvement, leaving them equipped with practical tools for growth.

Get ready to be inspired and motivated with the knowledge to reach new heights in your athletic pursuits and personal development journey, or what Coach Troy refers to as a High Performance Life.

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