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042 - Ole’! Ventana Mountain Bikes USA (Sherwood Gibson)

May 30, 2023 Mountain Cog - Joshua Anderson & Mike Festerling Episode 42
Mountain Cog
042 - Ole’! Ventana Mountain Bikes USA (Sherwood Gibson)
Show Notes

This episode features Sherwood Gibson, the founder of Ventana Mountain Bikes USA. The conversation covers the origins of Ventana Bikes, Sherwood’s passion for bicycles, and how it led him to establish the company.

Sherwood and his team set out to create top-quality bikes that were manufactured in the USA. He discussed how he mastered a meticulous design process, aluminum manufacturing techniques, all while emphasizing the importance of crafting bikes that strike a balance between performance and elegance.

We also learn that in addition to manufacturing Ventana bikes, Sherwood’s company manufactured OEM bikes for several well known bike companies including Ellsworth, Felt, and Moots (and many more).

Sherwood's passion and dedication is truly inspiring.

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