Your Zen Friend

Helping Your Children and Teens Get the Sleep They Need with Paul Bright

April 25, 2023 Lauren Wolfe MS, LPC Season 1 Episode 31
Your Zen Friend
Helping Your Children and Teens Get the Sleep They Need with Paul Bright
Show Notes

On this episode I am excited to have an interview with Paul Bright, a certified sleep science coach and creator and host of, "The Why Behind the Z's," podcast. 

Before we get to our interview I will share some exciting news about an upcoming interview! 

Then Paul and I will talk about: the current sleep recommendations for children and teens, why it's so important for young people to get enough sleep and ways you can support your children and teens in getting the sleep their minds and bodies need. 

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Paul Bright's Bio: Paul, the host of The Why Behind Your Z’s podcast, battled sleep paralysis, insomnia, and sleep anxiety during military service. He spent years researching peer-reviewed scientific journals for  solutions to his sleep problems and developed a system that helped bring his sleep to consistency. Now he's become a certified sleep science coach and wants to turn his victories into inspiration for others. Paul is the creator of Sleep You Deserve, A sleep solution resource for those who want to overcome insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

Here's how to contact Paul Bright: 
instagram: @sleepcoachpaul 
Podcast: "The Why Behind Your Z's"-

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