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Real Estate Real Talk - With The Mortgage Guys

Wesley Wyrick, Don Merlo, Mack Humphrey

Each week, The Mortgage Guys will dive into a new Real Estate topic. Discussing current real estate markets, strategies, and how to grow wealth with Real Estate. The Mortgage Guys are made up by Don "Bucco" Merlo, Mack Humphrey, and Wesley Wyrick. 3 different Markets, 3 different States, 3 different Levels of Experience, 3 different Generations, 3 Top 1% Mortgage Originators, and all three share the same passion.... To Serve our communities, or industry, and our clients by informing, educating, and advising. The goal of this show is to keep the Real Estate talk real. Sharing real information, real tips, real strategies, and real advice. No BS and No Posturing. Wesley Wyrick NMLS 1067576, Don Merlo NMLS 239224, Mack Humphrey NMLS 1110618 (equal housing lender)