Wild + (finally fcking) Free: Real & Raw Stories of Midlife & Metamorphosis

Ageing, Bodies and Change: The Naked Truth with Niamh Daly

January 17, 2023 Kylie Patchett Season 1 Episode 26
Wild + (finally fcking) Free: Real & Raw Stories of Midlife & Metamorphosis
Ageing, Bodies and Change: The Naked Truth with Niamh Daly
Show Notes

Founder of Yinstinct Yoga, Niamh Daly teaches men and women of all ages, but also specialises in Yoga for Menopause, and trains Yoga teachers around the world how to adapt Yoga to support women in this phase of life. She created Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause  in 2020, at the time it was one of just 2 courses of its kind in the world.

Yinstinct Yoga balances traditional Yoga with up-to-date research in anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement, and somatics, and with the reasonable and compassionate expectations of what a body which has lived YOUR life can, and wants to do.

Having recently completed Niamh's Certificate in Yoga for the Stages of Menopause, I am grateful to her personally for opening up my field of possibilities around ageing and particularly the transition through Perimenopause and beyond.

In this episode we cover so much ground, including:

- letting go of the pressure of lying by omission to her yoga students when Niamh was no longer able to safely do intensely challenging postures during the perimenopause transition, and how taking care for your joints is so important for all of us

- Niamh's revolutionary approach to shifting persepctive around perimenopause and menopause through yoga - including being open and honest about her own symptoms and journey including anxiety, brain fog, low mood, hot flushes

- deep honesty around a period of unbearable anxiety and feelings of "just wanting this to be over" and how this personal experience has helped so many of her clients to feel heard and understand that sometimes the whole truth about peromenopause is "this is ok AND it is shit"

- how this sharing symptoms and self awareness has led Niamh to create a body of work to teach specific certification for yoga teachers modifying their teaching style and designing classes which do no harm and instead support student's mental health, bone health, stress levels and overall connection to their bodies

- how pleasure and ease can be guiding lights for reconnection to our body's and the impact of this on our emotional, physical and mental health

- reframing the notion that we had "boundless capacity" in our 20s and 30s, alongside the knowledge we may need to be more discerning with our precious energy when we recognise the real capacity of the human experience in midlife

- the ridiculous idealisation of our younger years and productivity and challenging the concept that we somehow are only perfect and valuable when we are young, supple and perfectly unwrinkled

- Niamh's decision to do a naked truth photo shoot recently to shine the light on the whole truth of body perception, body dysmorphia and what our clothes can hide, even as yoga teachers in all our skinny, suppler glory (said with tongue firmly in cheek!)

This was such a joy to me to be able share the perspective and status quo challenging gold from someone I look to as a guiding light in women's wellbeing in midlife and beyond.

You can find Niamh, her teaching certifications and CPD program at Yinstinct Yoga here


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