She's Sober Sydney! Podcast

The glorious Bex Weller

February 12, 2023 Isabella Ferguson and Meg Webb Season 2 Episode 16
She's Sober Sydney! Podcast
The glorious Bex Weller
Show Notes

We are so lucky at She's Sober Sydney to have the amazing Bex Weller come and chat with us. Bex is one of the OG's (or sober pioneer's) of the sober scene in Australia. She has 3 fantastic books out (with more to come) and we discuss these along with Bex journey that got her to choose sobriety. We talk friendships, friends lost and friends gained. We have a few good belly laughs and we get serious at times too. 
Bex talks following her dreams after kicking the drink, and she is such a wonderful example of someone who has jumped out of her comfort zone and taken huge risks that have paid off because of her willingness to take life by the reigns and live large. 
Please grab your cuppa and join us for a joyful chat (somehow Bex makes the biggest of issues have a positive spin)! 

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