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Vegetarians & Meat-Lovers: Split Table Recipes

Julie Hoag

Is your family composed of vegetarians and meat-eaters? Do some of those in your family only go for meatless portions while others love meat? Do you want to feed both vegetarians and meat-eaters easily at the same time? Well, if so, your situation is just like my family's. My name is Julie Hoag, and yep, I'm the vegetarian in a family of meat-lovers. I've had to learn to cook for both types of diets for every meal for the last 27 years so I've had a lot of experience. It's not as hard as you'd think to cook to accommodate both types of diets, but it does take paying attention to detail, thinking outside the box, and a bit of extra work, but less work than being a short-order cook. But the good news is that it's very possible to do! In this podcast, I will share tips, advice, and recipes to help you feed your varied diet family better with less time, with one recipe. Copyright starting 2022 and all rights reserved Julie A Hoag Julie Hoag Writer LLC