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Am Shahinaz El Ramly an Edupreneur at ESSDSCOM dot net, make videos about self development, science in general & some math, also teach religion, teach art, crafts, books samples, offer valuable major course for student & professionals, interested & find yourself benefit, check course or message me.This channel has information, delivers good knowledge up to date, my inspirational footsteps, will make you interleave if want to start continuous education, Create Business. Am a sole proprietorship online entrepreneur, help you simply cause I have skills. Out of 15 years experience, private work, contesting & market experience, wrote nearly 8 books in business, marketing, self-development, literary art, education & intelligence. Ctitic isn't someone who criticise I studied Critisim & Critic is one who illustrate undertand deeply for know how.Perfection is exclusively Divine Attribute ☻ Copyright ©Shahinaz Elramly Edupreneur - Business Combatant