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Reclaim Your Voice with Leslie Lew

Leslie Lew

This is a podcast dedicated to the unheard, unseen and underrepresented. It is to celebrate and honor the voices of the BIPOC, Latine, Queer, Neurodivergent, and Disabled communities by getting honest. This podcast is about breaking generational patterns and raising the volume on topics that usually get swept under the rug. Your host Leslie Lew, a Trailblazing Women's Empowerment Leader and international speaker will guide you into heartfelt discussions rooted in love and courage so that you can go from lacking confidence, being trapped in uncertainty, and not feeling strong enough to releasing your inner warrior and standing in your power. Leslie values love, courage, and community. She is on a mission to save the lives of women and allies globally. After you listen to each episode and find yourself craving a more authentic and honest connection, we invite you into the Woman Warrior Community. The Woman Warrior Community is a community where all women are welcomed. We will be silenced no more. This is a space for you: to explore what it means to find your voice build genuine connections with others who aren't trying to fake the funk, and If you want to embrace who you are and stand in your power, learn how to make personal safety practical and straightforward.