Garbage in my Heart

Episode 67 - North Carolina

June 13, 2021 Garbage in my Heart Season 1 Episode 70
Garbage in my Heart
Episode 67 - North Carolina
Show Notes

ISS - Spikes (Self released)

New Stuff
The Smog - Noise Noise (Episode Sounds)
Dollhouse - The Shadow Baby (Toxic State)
Screamers - Peer Pressure (Superior Viaduct)
Qlowski - In a Cab to Work (Feel It)
Eugene Chadbourne & Jim McHugh - We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years (Post Present Medium)

Sorry State
Fitness Womxn - Easy (Sorry State)
Brain F≠ - V-2 (Sorry State)
Das Drip - Gym Rat (Sorry State)
Cochonne - Mensonge Humain  (Sorry State)
Menthol - Inner Trip (Sorry State)
Joint D≠ - Polluntant (Sorry State)

60s Garage Punk
The Paragons - Abba (Bobbi /Altercat)
The Nomads - This Life Is Not For Me (Stark / Crypt)
The Horde - Press Buttons Firmly (JCP / Break-A-Way)
The Huns - Shakedown (Pyramid / Crypt)
Linky Wray - Roughshod (Norton)

80s Punk
Corrosion Of Conformity - Nothing's Gonna Change (No Core)
Stillborn Christians - Agression (Schoolkids)
A Number of Things - Justice for All (Fartblossom Enterprizes)
Subculture - Words I've Never Heard Before (Puke n Vomit)
Th' Cigaretz - Scared of Girls (Cancer)
Flat Duo Jets - I'm Sorry (Dolphin)

Dark Ages
Dead Things - Lemmy Rides a BMX (Self released)
The Toll - Track 3 (Self released)
Crimson Spectre - Strength of Ten Men (Magic Bullet)
Undying - This Day All Gods Die (Fifth Column Conspiracy)

Misc 2010s
Personality Cult - Heart Attack (Drunken Sailor)
Paint Fumes - Egyptian Rats (Slovenly)
Reigning Sound - Stick up for Me (In The Red)

Sean Mustache - ii Deluxe (Self released)