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Wellness to Success 1

December 06, 2022 Martine Canal

Hello. Hello everyone. Welcome to my new podcast, wellness to success, where I talk. Wellness health and accountability tips. My name is Dr. Martin canal and I'm, I am a health and wellness accountability coach. And I have been a nurse for over 26 years. So this is dear to my heart, but let me share a little story with you. The reason why this is so important to me. I learned at an early age, that being accountable for others was very important. When I was 16 years old, I witnessed my mother's quality of life. Go down the drain. When she suffered a massive, massive stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side of her body. I saw a vivacious, energetic professional woman, no longer able to care for herself. She couldn't even hold her own toothbrush. This was devastating. I couldn't believe what was happening. Now, here I am in my forties and high I've had blood pressure. And every time I get a headache, I fear that what happened to her would happen to me that would, would no longer be able to care for myself, my children, or I would be a burden to them. Now, let me tell you that fear, that pain would push me to do the right things. I would exercise eat, right? Meditate, do whatever I needed to do for that fear and that pain to go away. And I would feel better, but guess what guys life happens. And I would go right back to my old ways and the pain would come back. It was a vicious cycle. And then I realized that what I needed. Consistency and accountability. Maya, Andrew says when you know better, you do better. So my daughter decided to be my accountability partner. She didn't want, she didn't want what happened to her grandmother to happen to me. She didn't wanna take care of me, like. And I also joined two accountability groups, one for money management and one for fitness. I set myself up for success. You see having an accountability partner and joining groups are not options. There are must. Bob practice says accountability is the glue. That ties the commitment to results. Everybody's entitled to live a great and productive life. So with that said, I am on my mission. I am a mission to help women over 40, to organize themselves, to do whatever it take for. To live their best life, to keep their independence, to have control of what they do, of what they say and where they wanna be with that said today, I'm gonna talk about self care, self care, putting yourself first. It is very important. I have three tips for self care. Number one. You have to acknowledge having the right mindset. Do you know what mindset means? Mindset is having the mental state, having the attitude, the belief that you need to do something acknowledging that you need to put yourself first is the first step in self-care. Cuz if you don't believe that you need to take care of yourself, it's not gonna happen. After having the right mindset, mindset, and acknowledging that you need to take care of yourself. And number two is environment. You need to put yourself in the environment that will conduce for you to take care of yourself. Now, how can you do that? Well, you can go for a walk and be by your. And you'll be able to meditate. You'll be able to re-energize strategize what you need to do. You can wake up early. Like I personally do. I wake up earlier that the time that it's time for me to go to work so that I can have that time for myself where nobody comes and asks me anything. Right. And just focus on. If you need to, to lock yourself in the bathroom during that time, do so and put a, do not disturb sign in front of the door. You're setting the environment that you need to recharge to refuel, to reenergize yourself and tips. Number three, do what you love to do that will help you to. Doing the things that you do need to do to put yourself first and take care of yourself. Do you like to read, do you like to dance? Do you like to take a walk out in nature? Do you like to go swimming? Do you like to cook? Do whatever you like to do so that you don't feel like it's a burden for you to do the extra activity. And to fit it in, in your busy schedule, because believe it or not, we are busy. We have to fit everything in our schedule. So if you do what you like, you will have a tendency to keep doing it over and over and over. So with that, I went over the three tips for self care. Number one, acknowledging that you need to take time for yourself and take care of yourself. Number two, put yourself in that environment that will help you to do so will help you to take care of yourself. And number three, do what you love because the more that you do, what you love, the more you're gonna do. It's a no brainer, but the important thing here, guys, you have to take care of yourself. You do not want something to happen for you to realize that you needed to step back and listen to your body and care for your body. This is not a choice you have got to. You have got to put yourself first because without you, nothing else is gonna work. And I'm, I'm afraid to tell you this, but if others count on you and if you're not there, they will still keep going. They'll keep going. And you are, the one will have to struggle. You are the one who will have a hard time accepting. That your life has changed. In my mother's case, she was a nurse. She has never been able to work again since in her early forties. Now she's in her seventies. She has never been able to participate fully in all the activities I've been doing. For example, traveling, she has not. And that was sad. It was very, very sad. Because she was so full of energy and she had all these dreams and these goals. So this is why I'm telling you guys self care is very important. You have to take care of yourself first, follow all these tips and you shall come out on top. And these will lead you to live your best life, elevate and reach for success. So with that, I'm gonna say, thank you for listening to my first podcast. It was a pleasure to go over these steps, which I feel are very important. To start and look out for my net next podcast, where I'll be talking about stress and how this affects you as a person and what you can do to help with it because we live in a stressful environment. We live in a stressful life in a stressful world, so we need to know how to manage it. We need to know how so that we can. Keep pushing. We can keep thriving. We can keep upleveling and growing as an individual. So stay tuned for my next podcast. Thank you very much.