Wellness To Success

Letting Go

March 30, 2023 Martine Canal

Welcome, welcome, welcome to My Wellness to Success podcast. Today we gonna talk about letting go. This podcast is about. Tips on health and wellness and even account accountability strategies to help us live our best life. My name is Dr. Martine Canal and I am a health and wellness accountability coach, and I have been a nurse for over 26 years. This is my ex. Expert opinions and it is no way, shape, or form any medical advice. So if you feel the need to get medical help, please reach out to your own medical professional. So just like I mentioned before, we are gonna talk about letting go. Are you a woman over 40 who is overwork? Stressed out, frustrated, not taking care of your of herself, or do you know a woman like that? Well, being mindful, intentional, and determined to let go of things that no longer serve you is a beneficial strategy to overcome fear and self-doubt and will help you build confidence and resilience, and it will help you to take care of your work. Living integration will help you to decrease the stress in your life, and it will help you to prioritize self-care so you can take care of yourself. So I'm going to give you some strategies to help you, let go of what no longer serves you. Number one, you have to identify, you have to become aware of what no longer serves you, because if you don't have no idea, of what you don't need in in your life anymore, then you will not let it go. You have got to take some time to reflect on your life, your environment, the way that you feel. You have got to see the things that you don't need, the people that are toxic to you or situation that are no longer serving your best in. Okay. That can be physical possessions, unhealthy habits. You know, the big bull of ice cream at nine o'clock at night every night. It is just not gonna help you with your healthy habits, negative thoughts, patterns, and toxic relationships. You have got to identify them so that you can place them on the list, either to keep or to let. And once you know what you have to let go, you have got to accept that it is the time to let it go. All right? Once you have identified what no longer serve you, it's time you have to acknowledge that holding onto these things is hindering your growth and preventing you from moving forward to step up to the next level. So once you identify that it's time to go, let it go. All right? Not, not tomorrow, not in a week, today. And then you have to realize that sometime letting go will make you feel sad. It can al also be painful. So you have to practice self-compassion so that the one of the strategy is to practice self-compassion. Throughout the whole process from the beginning, which is identify what no longer serve you till the end of letting it go. You have to be gentle with yourself and you have to remember that it's okay to feel sad. And you see that okay to be anxious because you're probably holding on to a relationship with someone that has been in your life for years, but now you are realizing that that person is hindering your growth. Okay. He's not supporting you in the decision that you are now making in your life and holding onto the person will just keep you at the same level that this person is at. So you have got to feel okay with it and then move on to the next person, and maybe you'll find another circle of friends that will support you and allow you to grow the. That you imagine, you know, the way that you've planned and it's okay. Just know that it's okay and you will get support for it. And now you have to envision your life without the takes that no longer serves you. You have to see your life without that friend that has been your crutch in your, in your, in your wheel, and keeping you from advance. you have got to visualize that you will have a better life once you let go and move on. You have got to see that you'll be healthier without that big bowl of ice cream that you have every night. You have got to see the positive outcomes that will come from let it go of what no longer serves you, and then the other strategy is to relieve your negative emotion. Allow yourself to feel the emotion associating with letting go. Again, I mentioned before, you may be sad, you may even be angry, alright? Or grief may take upon you. But remember, once you have your support, talk to someone. Write down the things that making you feel. you know, find healthy outlets to release these emotions. You cannot hold onto them. Remember, it's about letting go, cuz once you let it go, you are allowing positive thoughts. You are allowing positive feelings. You are allowing positive mindset to take over you and make you move forward with your life. Now, once you've processed all these emotions, you have to take action. You have to say, Well, you have to find a nice way to let go of that friend that has been toxic in your life. You know? You have to be diplomatic about it, and then you have to be firm, okay? You have to set the boundaries. If you do no longer want that ice cream, then you don't buy it. Take action. So you will not be tempted to eat it and. Once you take the action, you will feel the sense of gratitude in the end because you have accomplished a very hard step into letting go It. It is not easy. Nobody said it was easy to let go, but once you do, you will have this gratitude that you are upleveling your life. You are moving forward toward your. you imagining the dream life that you eventually have because of letting off things that no longer serves you, that's not holding you back anymore. You can have a sense of purpose and then hope that things will be all right. Now remember, this is a process and then you. To have self-compassion throughout the whole process. You have to be patient with yourself and also do not forget to celebrate your progress all along the way. Every lucid that you make towards your goal of letting go, what does not serve you anymore, you have to. because you may hold on to grief, you may hold onto anger, you may hold onto sadness. By celebrating, you will kind of reverse those negative feelings, those negative thoughts with positive ones. Okay? Now, if you're struggling to let it go, maybe you need to get more help, more support to help. To release these things. If you can get help from your friends, from your family, that maybe you need to seek professional help, and there's nothing wrong with having professional help to help you get over the hurdle of letting go, what no longer serves you because at the end of the. it is all about living a happier and more fulfilling life, having a more productive and meaningful life. So you need to put in the effort, you need to put up the hard work, the commitment for your success, for your dream, for your freedom. to gain control in order for you to live your best life. If you need motivation again, seek help within your circle of friends to help you get through this process. For more health and Strat and wellness strategies, please go to Martine Canal dot. and while there you can get my free ebook. Remember, God, it's all about you living your best life and sometimes you have to go through hardship in order to get the fruits of your labor, so keep that in mind. And until next time, please take care. My name is Dr. Martin Canal, and I'll see you on the next episode.