Wellness To Success

Self-Care And Joy

June 13, 2024 Martine Canal

Hi guys, today we're going to talk about self care and joy. Now, what is self care? Self care is the art of taking care of you. All right, and how do you use joy for self care? Well, I'm going to give you 10 tips to use joy so that you can be your best self, improve your well being, be happy, feel at peace with yourself. And you know what? At the end, live your best life. So number one, you have to have daily joy rituals. And what you do is that you include small, joyful activities in your daily activity of daily living. It's, you know, maybe it's going to be you drinking your favorite drink. If you like to have a nice cup of tea at the end of the day, or if you want to drink water. Which is going to make you feel optimally healthy. So if this is bringing you joy, you do it. Number two, laugh often laughing is a great stress reliever. So if you can, you know, watch comics, if you can read funny books, anything that will make you laugh, surround yourself with people that you know will make you laugh. In my family, I have one particular person that I know every time we have family meetings or we go out to dinner, it's a hundred percent guarantee that I will laugh the whole time that he's around. Some, some people are born So surround yourself with people like that, and you're going to see that your stress level and your well being, you know, is gonna totally improve. Sometimes journaling, journaling, joyful journaling can help you to have this awareness that You are joyful. Do you are happy? Write down all the activities or the moments that you know that you were happy that you brought joy into your life and having them down on a piece of paper. And, you know, later on, if you're not really feeling 100 percent happy with yourself, then you read them and that can bring you back to the moment that you were feeling the joy. Okay. And that will make you feel happier, make the sorrow, the depression or anything go away. the anxiety, the bad feeling that you have, it will go away. So journaling joyful moments is very, very powerful. Create joyful spaces around you. Let's say the way that you decorate your house, the way that you have this particular smell in your car, that can bring you joy. intense amount of joy. If it's about having a very colorful environment, if that works for you to bring you joy, do it, right? another, tip is to savor joyful moments. So if you are in the middle of a moment that you really, really are experiencing joy, Savor that moment, put it back in your, in, in, in, put it in the back of your mind, in your subconscious mind, savor it. Because you know, moments are only for a period of time, life goes on and you will be able to go back and savor that memory that you were so happy. For me traveling, it's a joyful moment for me. So every time that I look back at a picture, it brings me back to that joyful moment. And for that time, during a period of time, I feel all my body just being in a relaxed mode, feeling happy, right? Plan joyful activities. You know, it's always about having fun. So how can you have fun? Plan for these activities. Playful moments. If it's being with your family, if it's being even at work, you can, you know, plan to have a moment of the day where, you know, you're gonna plan to be joyful. And sometimes you can be by yourself. And you're gonna plan that moment. Either it's about, again, looking at these memories. Plan for these moments and it sometimes is for me. It's connecting with nature going out and Making me feel happy that I'm taking time for myself and that will bring me joy And then sometime it will elevate my mood It will bring up that sense of peace of joy And then I'm able to go back to work and be more focused more ready to finish the day And of course, another point is celebrating me, celebrating you. So every little opportunity you have, any achievement that you, you make, anytime that you. Think that you are proud of yourself. You need to celebrate and those joyful moments. It's all about you and what you've done. So you have to celebrate. You have to celebrate. I believe in celebrating all the time, either small achievements or even big achievements. Right, so incorporating these joyful activities into your self care routine will radiate to a vibrant life for you, will help you to live your best life. So you have got to prioritize, prioritize self care. You have got to practice gratitude that you have these joyful moments. Because sometimes it's not granted. During the day, if you're having a stressful day, that little moment that you can find a moment of joy is very important to your well being. And having that, these mindful moments, you have to be intentional about having these moments so that you can feel joy. You can have that well being that you can be happy, right? Connecting with loved ones. It's very important being surrounded by love and happiness and joy, you know, in humans, we're not born to live alone. No, connect with these people that make you feel happy. That brings you joy, nourish your body with, you know, a balanced diet nutrients that will make you grow, will make you powerful, will make you confident in yourself. And those nutrients have to support your body and your mind. It will foster them a sense of joy in you. You have to exercise your body so that you feel the energy. You feel the power. You feel the confidence that you are happy with yourself. And that will exude out to other people. You have to sleep well. Sleeping well will help you again to have the endurance, the energy, so that you can focus and bring that joy into your life because you're going to be determined. You're going to be intentional. I mean, about having these joyful moments in your life. You have to set boundaries around yourself. Anybody that brings out the bad energy around you, you have to push them away. You have to step aside. You have to bring positive people, positive energy. You have to set these healthy boundaries so that You can form that self care that will bring you joy. And you have some time to create, you know, you have to engage in creative, creative activities, painting, dancing, you know, any kind of art that will, you know, engage you cooking to make you be happy that will uplift, you know, your spirit, your energy, your, your power. You know, you have to engage in those creative activities. Because you have to engage your mind. You have to embrace joyful self care. You have to embrace that you have to work on your well being. And one way to do that is by bringing joy into your life. You have to be happy. You have to have a sense of joy. Peace, a sense of happiness, a sense of well being, a self of just living your best life. Because at the end of the day, guys, it's all about you living your best life. So what kind of activity are you going to do to bring joy into your life? So now I am so, so, so happy with the release of my new book, Radiant Living. Transforming your life through self care. Get your copy anywhere books are sold. I have it on Amazon but get your copy because again, I just said it. It's all about us. You and me living our best life. So go out there and laugh. And be happy because at the end of the day, when you look back, when you're old, you're going to say, well, you lived a life of happiness. You live a joyful life. That's what you want. You guys take care. And until the next time take care of yourself. And you're going to hear me say, what did you do for self care today?