Wellness To Success

Self-Care and Leadership

July 01, 2024 Martine Canal

Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Martine Canal and I am a self care strategist. Today, I'm going to be talking about self care and leadership. Now remember this is my own opinion, it is no way, shape or form any medical advice. So if you feel the need that you need and you've got to support medical advice, feel free to reach out to your own medical practitioner. Now let's get back into it. Self care and leadership. Now, self care is an essential part, essential aspect of effective leadership. Now, at its core, as a leader, self care is important for you to be able to lead properly. And it doesn't have to be only at work. It can be in your personal life as well, in your home. At its core, self care for leaders isn't just about personal health and wellness. It is about maintaining the capacity to guide, to inspire, to support, to lead others. So I'm going to talk about different aspects of leadership that self care affects, alright? So the first one I want to talk about is about maintaining or sustaining energy and focus for you to lead. In the positive path that you're going now, leaders who prioritize self care can sustain a higher energy level and they're able to also maintain a sharper focus, regular activity, physical activity, resting properly and balance in a diet that is healthy, can contribute to a better decision making and problem solving abilities. Now, these leaders are able to focus better, they're able to think and process all the signals that are coming their way. When leaders take good care of their physical health, their mental health, they set a practical example either to your family or to your team, and they promote a culture of wellness. throughout your home or your organization. So sustaining energy and focusing is improved by practicing self care. Now, number two, I want to talk emotional intelligence. Now, what is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage both your own emotions and understand the emotion of people around you. There are five key elements to emotional intelligence, self awareness, motivation, social skills, self regulation and empathy. Now, self care practices such as mindfulness, meditation, Or even journaling, reflective journaling can enhance a leader's emotional intelligence. By learning to manage your own emotions effectively, now you are able, I'm saying you because I believe that everyone is a leader. So now it's, it's up to you to practice the skills to become a better leader. So with emotional intelligence, leaders are. Which is you, they are better equipped to end up interpersonal relationships in a more empathetic manner. So this emotional awareness will, And create more inclusive and supportive environment, either in the workplace or at home. Now, the third component that I want to talk about is resilience. And most specifically, building resilience. So what is resilience? It's the ability or the capacity to recover quickly from setbacks, from difficulties. that may be thrown at you. So building resilience is important because sometimes as a leader, the demands that come upon you can come from everywhere. It can be intense and relentless. So regular self care, you know, practices, routines can help build resilience against stress. Being able to bounce back, from all the demands that are put upon you. It's important. So leaders that who engage in self care are more likely to, to show or demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges of setbacks. So setting a resilient tone at the top that can go through your entire organization or home is important. Now, the fourth aspect that I want to talk about in terms of self care and leadership is creativity. Building your creative side, cultivating creativity is important because it is taking the time for activities that are not work related will increase. uh, creativity and that will promote a culture that will show that creativity is allowed. And how do you build creativity? It's by engaging in hobby or spending time in nature or pursuing any kind of artistic endeavor. And sometimes by breaking the time to focus on creativity will help to break have Innovative ideas that leader can bring back into their roles. So being able to be creative will allow you to expand your mind so that you have more ideas that will come into your mind and and will help to Strengthen your work will help to strengthen your relationship in your home So let creativity reign in your world. Now another aspect is, uh, boundaries, setting boundaries. As a leader, you have to be able to set boundaries. Now leaders who practice self care are better, are better at setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. Maintaining healthy boundaries. It is not all only to protect their own time and energy, but it also respect and validates the boundary of others, either in your home or in your work. So it creates a balanced work environment where burnout, believe it or not, is less likely to occur and productivity there is much more optimized. So it is okay to create boundaries. And sometimes it is very important so that people don't actually drain you. Now, as a leader, another aspect is, uh, inspiring team wellbeing, inspiring team wellbeing, because by prioritizing self care, you are sending a clear message. Leaders are sending a clear message to their team or to your family, personal health and wellbeing. are important. That's the message that they're sending. So, leading the way to a healthy lifestyle can inspire employees or even your family at home to adopt similar habits. And that will improve the overall team performance, okay, and the satisfaction that is in that culture. A leader's commitment to self care can lead to Employees being more engaged at work can reduce people calling absent on a frequent basis or, you know, without any real reason to be absent and also can decrease turnover rates. And this will create a more happier team and that can be at home or at work. So self care really helps with bringing up satisfaction and happiness. Among the team. Now, just to conclude for leaders, self care, as I always say for anyone, self care is not a luxury. It is a critical component of effective leadership. Now by taking care of yourself, you As a leader, you will be better equipped to take care and lead others. Now, the benefit of self care extends beyond the individual. It influences the health of the entire organization and even your home. Therefore, by integrating self care into leadership strategy, it's not only beneficial to you as a leader, but is essential for sustained success. So create your blueprint, create the, um, self care practices that will help increase your leadership power, your leadership skills, so that as a leader, you be able to forge the path to success that you see in your vision. That is your purpose. That is your mission. So at the end of the day, it's all about us. leaving our success, living our best life. So what are you doing to increase your leadership skills? This is Dr. Martine Canal. And as I always say for self care, tip and strategies, join my self care empowerment circle on Facebook. That's self care, empowerment circle. com and join the group so that we can hold each other accountable. for us to practice self care so that we can reach our level of success and live our best life. Until next time, take care.