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ICON Not Believe it

Greg Mikolap

If you've ever wanted to know how your ovaries affect your training, what ISA is best for your retirement or which protein powder will cause diarrhoea, then look no further. Welcome to the 'ICON Not Believe It' podcast. We will discuss everything you need to know, with practical advice and instant application to your life with experts across every industry in Royal Borough.I'm Greg Mikolap, and I ran ICON Gym, but we don't just talk fitness. In fact, we talk very little about fitness because we talk a lot about it in the gym. Our members, though, are people first and foremost; they have their questions, worries and plans. So in this podcast, I will be dispelling common myths, worries and things that everyone should know but few do by collaborating with local experts.We will talk about recycling, mortgages, planning for retirement or holiday, and periods. Stay tuned if you want to know more about helpful stuff in life.