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Survival:Beyond the Bug-Out Bag

Bill Bateman

We all agree that being prepared for an emergency is important. That's why preparing a "Bug Out Bag"  that will allow you can grab and go can literally be a lifesaver. So I began posting information here 6 years ago, and I update that information regularly. I've also gone beyond that. Because creating a bag is the first step to being prepared, not the final product.

I cover topics like: *Products I both use and Trust 
*Often forgotten items to have in your bag.
*Psychological and Emotional planning for the family
*Planning for Kids and Seniors
*What to do when Plan "A" fails?

Join me as I begin the 6th year of  production for an ongoing series of podcasts to use and share. And coming soon, I'm hoping to  move into video. Is this fun or what?