Survival:Beyond the Bug-Out Bag

Kicking the can down the road.

January 24, 2023 Bill Bateman Season 5 Episode 12
Survival:Beyond the Bug-Out Bag
Kicking the can down the road.
Show Notes

This time I will be following up on the “Great Coffee Can” Question from last week regarding our emergency car heater project. With that under control, I have some great news as far as our listeners. The numbers are up! That has led to new directions for the podcast which I'll share at the end of this program.

But first, Let's check on the status of 114. Connected to that stupidity, l want to look at how three major businesses shutting down locations are a microcosm of our overall society.Mcdonald's, Chase Bank, and  Starbucks have made the decision to shutter some stores and reduce hours.  This is due to increases in crime and disruption due to drugs, mental illness, and even in some cases killings. Employee Safety concerns top the list.

I’ll talk about how my long-term planning for an upcoming trip brought some prep-related issues into focus. 

I'll put on my tinfoil hat and meet with my secret source for a look at the latest conspiracy theory: The rising prices at the grocery store. It is making it very expensive to be caught with egg on your face these days. 

All that plus Class Updates and a Special Surprise announcement for 2023!

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