Survival:Beyond the Bug-Out Bag

Beyond the Bug Out Bag; Season 2.1 Opener

February 02, 2020 Bill Bateman Season 2 Episode 1
Survival:Beyond the Bug-Out Bag
Beyond the Bug Out Bag; Season 2.1 Opener
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2.1 I'll be sharing both news and information on what is to come in the months ahead. I've updated this information as of Feb.7th

I start out with two big events. One is the Bug Out Bag Workshop we are having. I'm moving the date to Sunday, March 15th from 2-5 pm and updating the content on the podcast. The other is ominous legislation in Salem which is just bad for gun owners. Your help is needed.
I'll have details on some new directions where news and teaching will be split into two programs beginning next week. Some updates on air filters and the Coronavirus which ties into me updating the resources list.

There is news about our new upcoming classes and some staff updates as well. I promised you links.

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The address of our legislators will be on the page below the listing due to space requirements.

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