Refuse to be a Victim: Personal Protection Training

Beyond the Bug Out Bag: A Report Card

October 07, 2020 Bill Bateman Season 2 Episode 10
Refuse to be a Victim: Personal Protection Training
Beyond the Bug Out Bag: A Report Card
Show Notes

Three years ago I began sharing information on Bug out Bags and Preparedness with you, our listeners. It's ironic that it was  September 8th, while preparing a podcast, the Alameda fire began and all of those ideas and plans were tested. 

Hello everyone I’m Bill Bateman, part of the team here at refuse to be victim personal protection training. This is a very special episode of Survival beyond the Bug out Bag-Preparing for disaster.

Instead of reviewing products and general information, I want to look at what worked when I had to evacuate and share real-time product information. I live in Talent, one of the cities that suffered significant damage,  and was one of the lucky ones. The flames came with two blocks of my house.

There were many who were not so lucky  My heart goes out to those who lost it all. Just this morning I passed the all too familiar scene of a person standing in the debris of what was their home and just looking. Some are standing on the sidewalk looking, as if not ready to make those first steps on the property to accept what is in front of them. I know that feeling.  I  stood with my parents as they shifted through the ashes of our family home following the Panorama fire in Nov of 81. I feel your pain.

A giant thank you to the firefighters and all of the first responders. Also a big thank you to the communities involved who came together so quickly to open evacuation centers- and then support them with donations. Thank you.

So let's look at what worked, what didn't, and how to reset for the next time.

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