Refuse to be a Victim: Personal Protection Training

Survival: Beyond the Bug out Bag. Year 4 Opener

September 10, 2021 Bill Bateman Season 4 Episode 1
Refuse to be a Victim: Personal Protection Training
Survival: Beyond the Bug out Bag. Year 4 Opener
Show Notes

Produced on the Anniversary of the Alameda/ Obenchain fires that struck Ashland, Talent, Phoenix and Medford, with ash falling on the hoods of the cars from  the recent fires, this  episode marks a new direction. This is also  National Preparedness Month, and well worth a look at the linked website.

I'm going to begin by doing a quick review of that is the same and what is different, with suggestions of new directions to take.  An example? Water. While the common wisdom was  to stock up on bottled water, (and it is STILL a good idea) there is a finite amount of space and weight a person can handle.  Looking at  Hurricanes and fire disasters, supplies may interrupted or unusable. So what are the alternatives in your own area? Can you filter undrinkable water easily and safely?

The next episodes will focus on these specific  topics in more depth, with links to resources and references, I'll  also be posing question for our to apply to your own situation like the one above.

IN other news the website has a new look and new simpler class registration. I have also highlighted a few of the  more popular  past Podcasts, and provide a link to all of the past years work.

Our Congealed Carry classes are indoors in an air conditioned building with  advanced filtration. COVID protocols are of course a part of the process. Stop by to check out the site. Your comments and email are welcome. Share them with Letters that are of value to the group  may be shared on future podcasts.

Please share this  program for non profit, educational purposes. It may not  be edited or resold.

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