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The Quintessential Man

Brandon Miller

This is a podcast for Men. It is a place for aspiring, developing and grown men to hear about the issues we face, from cradle to grave. Do you know what it means to be a fully developed man? a high quality, best in class, Grade A man? Are you a member of the Man Card Club? Let's find out! Hello, My name is Brandon Miller. I started this podcast for Men. Yes...Men, those who aspire to be better, to be GOOD men, background tested, background certified, whisker shavin' When we do not fulfill and live up to our GOD given talents and expectations, those around us suffer. We suffer, society, and the world at large suffers. It leaves a void that only we can fill. We are capable of much more than the current culture allows. But we don't need permission to be men. We need only to accept the task given us. That is, to be the best MEN we can here I am, here you are. Join me in the Battle for Men. I am here in pursuit, defense, and application of the Truth about who we are, and what we should be. The Truth of what it means, to be not only a man, but a Good one!! Firm in our Internally identity, Grounded in our goodness, externally employing our masculinity, and ultimately making men of the next generation. We will address the question, what is a man? Talk about marriage, money, women, raising kids … and hear from men who have passed the test of time, and have the grey hairs to prove it. So if you want to see what’s it’s all about, we will grab hold of the tigers tail and take a ride. Come on in...The water is fine!!! I welcome you.