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Diary Of A Folk Witch


Hello and welcome to Diary Of A Folk Witch!
My name is Zanna, and I am a practicing Priestess, Doula and Animistic Folk Witch living in Lancashire. Here I will share with you a blend of essays and diary entries that allow you to peer into the very real world of a modern practicing traditional style folk witch and wise woman.
You are invited into my innermost world of actual every day living witchcraft. Everything from folklore to foraging. Herbalism to urban homesteading, divination, spells, ritual, spiritual practice and more.
Because I don’t 'niche down' here- you see it all. You see, I’m not just a Witch when I’m performing workings, it’s in every area of my life. And you get to share that with me. Diaries are supposed to be places where we document our deepest secrets, but I believe some secrets are worth sharing, so let me share my life with you…