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MsAlice,Toni,SeyiPeps,Ade & OJ

Welcome to "Lagos Meets London", the podcast that explores the cultural, social connections and differences between two of the world's most vibrant cities. As Lagosians who have lived in London for many years we your hosts, Ade, Miss Alice, Oj, SeyiPeps and Toni are excited to take you on a journey through our unique experiences and perspectives that define Lagos and London. Each episode of "Lagos Meets London" features insightful conversations which helps listeners gain a deeper understanding of latest trends, the vibrant cultures, the music, the lifestyle, the food, the fashion which further bridges the gap between both dynamic cities. "Lagos Meets London" offers a unique and fresh perspective on how both cities are interconnected and also amplifying their differences through entertaining story telling, lively debates and engaging interviews. The podcast is a must listen for anyone curious about both vibrant cultures, their histories, their current social and economic trends. Lagos Meets London is a very welcoming and inclusive platform, hence we'd like ,you to join in on our conversations, share your experiences with us and also have discussions with us about our experiences that are relatable to you. 
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