Uncover Your Soul’s Calling
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Divinely Inspired Living®
Uncover Your Soul’s Calling
Feb 05, 2024
Erin Harbin

This the first Divinely Inspired Living Podcast episode of 2024, and it aligns perfectly with the lunar new year and time of Imbolc. Together, we’ll receive this season's energy updates, explore how to surrender to life’s flow (instead of paddling against the current), and learn how to uncover your soul’s calling so that it can light the path ahead in 2024. We’ll connect powerfully with the energies of Goddess Brigid, and she’ll reveal your next steps toward renewal and the fulfillment of your Divine life’s purpose. 

Plus, you’ll get the full update on my major rebirth and transformation, and we’ll lean into the miracles together so it inspires both of us to become our most radiant Divine expression. Grab a cup of tea and see you there! ❤️ Erin 

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