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Mathura Hawley

You’re listening to Mathura Tells Stories. I’m Mathura, your host, reading true life stories of healing and hope. I have survived childhood sexual abuse, tremendous weight gain and loss, an HIV diagnosis in my 20’s, and have held each parent when they passed. I have an ex-wife, an ex-husband, been on a thrilling and scary journey understanding my life as a gay man, had a sometimes crazy career in fashion, and most recently, have developed a dedication to the truth of who I am. This is for the overly sensitive who have been shamed for feeling it all, the kind hearted who are told they are weak, and the ones who spend a lifetime seeking love and sometimes apologizing for who they are. The ones who have been through it. My people. Welcome to Mathura Tells Stories. Each episode will have two of my stories and a third with a guest who wants to share theirs. New episodes will be posted weekly. You can find more at and follow me on TikTok and IG @mathuratellsstories or contact me at: