Heal Your Codependency with Marshall Burtcher

What Replaces Codependency As You Heal: The Inner Advocate

September 20, 2023 Marshall Burtcher
Heal Your Codependency with Marshall Burtcher
What Replaces Codependency As You Heal: The Inner Advocate
Show Notes

What Replaces Codependency As You Heal?

Codependency is a strategy the body creates in order to preserve a sense of safety, connection, and self-worth within a chaotic, unsafe, unreliable relationship.

The sense of danger the relationship creates for the individual activates the body's natural fawning response (aka the please-and-appease response), prompting the person to do things that make themselves more appealing to the threat - all in hopes of reducing the risk of harm, abandonment, or replacement.

But before this happened, your body naturally advocated for you.  You may not remember it, but there was a moment your body protested what was going on, spoke up, and confronted things.  There was a moment where the word, "no", came out of your mouth naturally, without trembling or fear.  

There were moments where you asked, without hesitation, for something you wanted, or shared something you liked, or asked questions.  You instinctively explored, played, and wondered at the world. 

Learn what your inner advocate is and how to start reconnecting with it in today's episode!


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